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Hospitality Industry and Private Service Careers

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

There is a very strong link between hospitality service professionals and those who choose careers in private service, that is, working directly for high net worth individuals in private homes. Many of the skill sets are the same. Clearly those in the hospitality field have hearts of service and an appreciation for doing things the correct way, or even providing service in a formal manner. Private service careers, though, take your prospects to different heights. Interesting situations, interesting people, being a "fly on the wall" of occasions that you would normally not be exposed to. Working in the most rarified environments. Taking care of, being of service to, another world that at times is beyond belief. Discretion is the key, as is trust, loyalty and the sacrifice of much of your personal time. The rewards are great. Personal satisfaction, broadening of knowledge in all aspects, stability and comparatively high rates of pay with much less schooling costs.

If you are in training or schooling in the hospitality industry, consider a career in private service. In the five intensive weeks of our Elite Butler Training program, you will learn all the skills necessary to enter into the world of private service. While we do not guarantee employment, as any school or program, we can guarantee you will be exposed to a different world, one that you did not dream of participating in.

Contact us. Ask questions. We would be happy to be of service in determining if this is a good avenue to follow for you.


Kenneth V. Horne

Potter Poppins Academy is a butler training school in the United States. The Academy, led by esteemed head butler Kenneth V. Horne, offers courses such as Elite Butler Training, Hotel Butler Training, classes for principals new to managing household staff, courses in etiquette and protocol for business professionals, manners courses for children and young adults, and bespoke service consulting.

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