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Why Us?

Potter Poppins Academy was founded by Kenneth Horne, an extremely sought-after head butler with a wealth of experience. Since the Ivor Spencer School shuttered its doors, Mr. Horne aims to pick up where it left off and bring butlery into the 21st century. It's time to train the next generation of butler, and the United States is the perfect location for that. Mr. Horne only trains the best and his graduates are ready to step into the most lavish households with ease.

Kenneth Horne Butler Academy
Why Us?

The Orchard Estate

Students of the Elite Butler Training program may reside at The Orchard guest house. The Orchard is a classic estate located just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The home features three stories, nine fireplaces, and gracious living spread over 9,000 square feet, along with a heated outdoor swimming pool. Students lodge in large rooms, two students in each room, each room with private bath. Students receive three meals per day and rotate through taking care of all the home's daily tasks, providing valuable experience in in what is required to operate a large estate successfully.

The Orchard Estate


  • The butler's code of ethics

  • Understanding the psychology of wealthy individuals

  • Refinement in appearance, speech, and movement

  • Understanding all of the departments of private service

  • Proper packing and unpacking of luggage

  • Care and handling of fine clothing, furs, jewelry, and leather goods

  • Selecting and laying out of garments

  • Attending to employer's personal care and grooming

  • Excellence in handling concierge requests

  • Managing difficult guests

  • Planning, preparing, and serving meal and refreshment services with many different levels of formality

  • Lessons in serving wine, cocktails, and specialty refreshments

  • Selecting top-quality flowers, food, fruit, caviar, wine, spirits, and champagne

  • The little things that make all the difference, such as napkin folding, flower arranging, and gift wrapping

  • Comprehensive estate management

  • Effective oversight of household staff

  • Care and operation of fine automobiles

  • Operating the cabin features of a private aircraft

  • ...and much more!

Field Trips

Field Trips


  • Visit a custom tailor at Boyd and Moda

  • See the details that define haute couture at Sue's Custom Dressmaker

  • Learn how hats are made at Goorin Brothers

  • Experience the pleasures of fine tobacco at Holt Cigar Company

  • Find out how to plan the perfect event at a party rentals warehouse

  • Visit the Philadelphia Museum of Art along with antique and art galleries

  • Learn how to select the best flowers, food, fruit , caviar, wine, spirits, and champagne

Field Trips

New York City

  • Tour a private aircraft to earn how to book and operate cabin features

  • Learn about furs at Madison Avenue Furs

  • Visit the famous Sotheby's auction house

  • Experience a Rolls Royce in person at the dealership

  • Stay at the trendy Pod 51 Hotel in Midtown Manhattan

Tuition Cost

Tuition for the Elite Butler Training course is $13,972.

As part of this all-inclusive training course, each student receives:

  • Over 30 days of intensive instruction, learning the highly-guarded keys to success

  • 35 nights' lodging at The Orchard guest house

  • Three meals per day

  • Transportation to and from the airport

  • All field trips, including one overnight field trip in New York City

  • A modern-style butler uniform

  • Graduation breakfast

  • Resume preparation assistance

  • A list of elite butler recruiting agents in New York City and Los Angeles, California

Tuition Cost
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