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Why Us?

Potter Poppins Academy was founded by Kenneth V. Horne, an extremely sought-after head butler with a wealth of experience. Since the Ivor Spencer School shuttered its doors, Mr. Horne aims to pick up where it left off and bring butlery into the 21st century. It's time to train the next generation of butler, and the United States is the perfect location for that. Mr. Horne only trains the best and his graduates are ready to step into the most lavish households with ease.

Kenneth Horne Butler Academy
Why Us?


  • The butler's code of ethics

  • Understanding the psychology of wealthy individuals

  • Refinement in appearance, speech, and movement

  • Understanding all of the departments of private service

  • Proper packing and unpacking of luggage

  • Care and handling of fine clothing, furs, jewelry, and leather goods

  • Selecting and laying out of garments

  • Attending to employer's personal care and grooming

  • Excellence in handling concierge requests

  • Managing difficult guests

  • Planning, preparing, and serving meal and refreshment services with many different levels of formality

  • Lessons in serving wine, cocktails, and specialty refreshments

  • Selecting top-quality flowers, food, fruit, caviar, wine, spirits, and champagne

  • The little things that make all the difference, such as napkin folding, flower arranging, and gift wrapping

  • Comprehensive estate management

  • Effective oversight of household staff

  • Care and operation of fine automobiles

  • Operating the cabin features of a private aircraft

  • ...and much more!

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