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Potter Poppin Academy, a legacy of butler excellence

About Us

At Potter Poppins Academy, we value those whose honesty, integrity, and hearts of service drive them to a life spent serving others. The polish, sophistication, and good manners taught by Potter Poppins Academy can launch the successful careers of elite butlers, improve the working relationships of business professionals, and remove barriers to effective interactions between employers and their household staff.

Open the door to the rest of your life at Potter Poppins Academy, and let your legacy begin today.

Kenneth V. Horne

The Academy's Executive Director, Kenneth V. Horne, is one of the most well-qualified head butlers in the world. He was trained at the Ivor Spencer International School for Butlers and has forty years' experience in private service. He has been head butler to four different multi-billionaires in the United State, three of the principals residing on Fifth Avenue, New York, NY.

Kenneth Horne Butler Academy
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